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Eddy Wong


What do you advise to help change the mentality of the entrepreneurs? 

Open your mind and learn from others as much as possible. Make it a habit to make an "introspection" session: what did I do wrong and what can I do to improve it next time? Share it with your peers, and the rest of the incubator. As a tech person, if you aim to one day be a leader in tech, a CTO, a Tech Lead, a Lead Engineer ... form yourself to have your own technical criteria and develop the self-confidence to choose the right technology. Technology changes rapidly and one day you are going to face the dilemma of choosing the right path. Don't listen (blindly) to the pundits or marketers (even from Silicon Valley), or people influenced by commercial or political forces. Learn to apply the right technology to the problem at hand. Don't take the "safe" decision ( a mistake that most Latin Americans make), just to meet the goal. Take the decision that would not only carry you into the future but make your life easier.

How can we foment the creation of tech startups in the country? 

From an individual point of view, you can empower your peers. When you learn something new, even if you are not an expert, teach what you learned to a peer or a group of peers. If everybody does that, it'll soon become a powerful community. Don't expect or wait until the "experts" (from abroad or other places) land at your place. I did this same thing when I started the Boston Neo4j and Boston MongoDB Meetup groups, I was a beginner and that didn't impede me from leading a community organization.

How do we nominate/link entrepreneurs from local programs with AccelHub?

Guatemalan startups would have to reach a certain level of maturity which at the moment might not be the time. I suggest tagging along with the Mexican cohort, to begin with. AccelHub operates in Mexico at the moment. However, if you feel that your startup is strong enough and have an idea of operating or selling in the US, apply directly.

How do we improve the investment scene in our ecosystem and better educate investors/entrepreneurs seeking investment?

Bring EIRs to the ecosystem. Find ways for Guatemalan entrepreneurs to "live" in other ecosystems (more than 2 months): Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, to start with the close ones.

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